There is no “too late”.

 There is only “years after”. Then is now and you wonder why you didn’t start 5 – 10 or 20 years ago. Probably you thought it’s too late to do something bold and surprising, learn dancing, play an instrument, see different perspectives, come back, maybe say thank you or I’m sorry.

Last weekend I acknowledged a new lesson and powerful confirmation. Piano audition for beginners, people with 3 to 10 months of practice, packed in a cozy villa in Dorobanti. The youngest – 5 years old girl, blonde ponytail and a beautiful smile on the face, she has the whole worlds in her hands. On the other side, he is 44, joining piano classes 3 months ago. No fear of being judged, no problem to perform a silly children song. Incredible power to be there, in front of parents and grandparents of the children from the club.


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