Different levels of coaching – in other words

Coaches and clients exposed to coaching talk about transformation but this is not a concept easy to put in words. It takes time to get there, it takes time to have a trust based relationship, this is rarely happening in the first session. But when it happens you feel it and the sessions are much deeper.

I was recently working with a client, under a corporate contract; this is a perfect example of starting the dialogue at one (shallow) level, gradually going deeper. Initially, the topic to work on was time management, how to survive in the budgeting hell month. Then we slowly moved to what to do next time in order to not experience again the same level of heaviness and burden life feeling. Exploring different situations, the topic became suddenly more personal, closer to the self-awareness and how the client chooses to respond. Courage to say what she wants, avoiding, unjustified fears.

Yes, it’s true what they say about business coaching sessions. At one point, they convert into personal coaching. Yes, you can build on personal values, emotions and preferences to come back to business situations, to change your behavior and the way you communicate. Yes, it’s true that adjusting habits and patterns will eventually change you.

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