Gȃnduri preluate de la alții

Unlike accidental or forced growth, working with a coach is a conscious decision to work with change in order to grow. There are simply no free rides in life, no downhills where we can shift into neutral and cruise. What use is it, my client asked in our session, if after successfully completing a period of coaching he stopped growing? Coaching should never be a co-dependent relationship, but rather one geared to supporting clients learn what they need to maximize their personal and professional potential. Make no mistake, it’s my intention with all past, current and future clients to make myself redundant in their lives. The time I spend with them is geared to changing the way they think of life and view their future forever. It’s a time to design and build into their lives the structures and techniques needed to support ongoing growth through change.

We all want to be happy and discover soon enough that nothing purely physical can help us to achieve that end. Comfort foods, alcohol or any of the many other socially acceptable substitutes have little effect when measured against the rush of life we get from learning. Money is no better a guarantee or road to happiness. De aici

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